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Starter-Marshall NEEDED IN MÁLAGA

The Starter/Marshall will be responsible for managing 1st tee, pace of play, the overall player enjoyment and safety on the golf course.

The starter's primary responsibility is to make sure groups are ready to go at their designated starting time and to make sure all players are registered and properly recorded on the starting sheet. Introducing and pairing golfers.

The starter shall relate course layout and conditions to all players.

Starter/Marshall will help enforce rules and regulations of the golf course and buggies.

Marshalls will be key to insure golf course maintains a proper speed of play and help guests with any needs during the round.

Starter/Marshall will be available to help with buggies and in the Caddy Master. Knowledge of the booking system Repwin is an advantage.

It is a must to be an experienced golf, have the ability to deliver a high level of customer service and good oral communication skills in English and Spanish plus another European language.

Please send us your CV and a covering letter in Spanish or English.

Ref: 300718